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Quickbooks is Evil and I Love It!

Here are five reasons why Quickbooks is evil, all of which lead me to love it all the more!

1) Quickbooks is made to be approachable and seem like it's easy to use. Intuit, the software company behind Quickbooks, puts in a tremendous amount of capital, effort, and marketing in order to present its web-based software visually friendly, which can be very misleading.

2) It's too easy to make mistakes. There is no built-in mechanism that constantly and consistently double-checks your work.

3) Knowing Quickbooks does not equal knowing accounting. You may not need an accounting degree, but you do have to have a strong handle of accounting concepts to effectively use Quickbooks. Or else you're just adding to the problem.

4) You have to understand the limits of Quickbooks. For example, payroll is a big area of bottleneck and inefficiency, whether you use Quickbooks Payroll or another service. Quickbooks itself is simply a blank slate. An experienced bookkeeper/accountant knows the best solution to enter payroll data, which usually contains several layers of financial data.

5) Quickbooks does not smoothly handle all areas of accounting. Simply giving the access to QB to your tax accountant may not equate to having your tax returns resolved.

An experienced, detailed, and effective small business accounting professional / bookkeeper will be able to use QB to its utmost capability.

- Thomas Kim from Tabular LLC

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