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How to add an View-Only User on Chase

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Hello, it's Tommy! This shouldn't take more than 10 minutes but please do follow instructions carefully. We can also do this together on a video meeting + screen share if you'd like.

Purpose: It's really convenient for both of us if I have direct access to your banking and credit cards. Then I can download transactions and statements without asking you for them. Don't worry! I will not have access to make any transactions or see anything you don't want me to to see.

Step 1: Login to your Chase account. It's best to be on your laptop, not your phone but have your phone nearby (you'll see).

Step 2: Hit Access & Security Manager as below.

Step 3: Hit Add authorized user as below.

Step 4: It may ask you to send a security code to your phone as below.

Step 5: It will ask you to submit my information as below. For Create username I will provide you one. But everything else it will be:

First name: Thomas

Last name: Kim


Phone: 917 588 1182

Step 6: As below please select all the accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, line of credit, loans) that I need access. I probably need access to every account (I can find business transactions in there too!) but please ask me if you're not sure. For access level please select See activity only and the checkmarks should be automatically filled as below.

***Please un-select Approve pending transactions!***

Step 7: Review and hit Submit as below.

Step 8: Please let me know if you finished these steps via email or text. I should confirm within 24 hours.

Thank you!


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